RoF#03 Theme Radio Contest

Sdigibetico and Runa Mattata are preparing the third, scrumptious episode of Renegades of Funk for all you Cavolini out there! Who can guess what the theme for our next episode will be?! Time for some Cavolicious interaction, baby!

Listen to the ’70s classic by the British space-rock band Hawkwind (yes, this is Motörhead’s late Lemmy Killmister rocking the vocals and bass, very kool) in the link below.

Let us know your best guess for the theme we’ve picked through a personal message via the Radio Cavolo Facebook page and include a song request you associate with that theme. Don’t forget to mention that you are participating in the “RoF#3 contest,” otherwise Sdigi and Runa might miss your aim for Radio Cavolo fame!

Cavoliciously yours,

The Renegades of Funk