Radio Cavolo Newsletter

(April 2020)

For over a month, every weekday Radio Cavolo has been broadcasting a scrumptious schedule filled with original content, content contributed by others and cavolicious music! Thanks to everyone listening in and supporting this great, new project at the EUI. That’s in a nutshell what we’ve been doing. Now, we would love to know more about your listening habits!

We need your opinion!

Did you enjoy any show in particular? You fell in love with one of our DJ’s? Are you tuning in at a specific time of day or do you prefer listening to podcasts when it suits you? Which content are you particularly interested in? Did we make you laugh? Cry? Think?

Any feedback and comments will be extremely useful, so don’t hesitate to drop us line at and let us know when you love listening to Radio Cavolo, when you miss it and whatever else you’d want to chime in!

Feel inspired?

Radio Cavolo has aspired from day one to be an inclusive project, where all members of our community can participate and contribute, both with new ideas and to existing concepts. We look forward to the time where we can actively recruit more people to manage Radio Cavolo and involve people with in-studio production in Villa Salviati.

In the meantime, we can offer you some tips, tricks andtechnical support to create and deliver content. We encourage you to explore your ideas, so feel free to shoot them at us and we will get back to you with what help we can provide.


Simple: just browse to our webpage and press play on our web-radio player!

We have noticed that some browsers do not support such features, but fear not: we have a solution. We recommend two applications for smartphones, Replaio (Android) and Instaradio (iOS), where you can simply enter ‘Radio Cavolo’ in the search bar.


Are you lost in all these cavolicious show names? And you would actually like to find your way around the cabbage patch? Here is a list of our current shows, including hints for what you can contribute!

  • Cavolo Unplugged
    In Cavolo Unplugged, Radio Cavolo broadcasts impressive live performances to highlight up and coming artists or undervalued legends. Feel free to suggest 
  • Corona Chronicles
    The Corona Chronicles is Radio Cavolo’s original segment, where we get in touch with people in our wide community all over the world, including present members of the EUI, alumni, the people we know and love in Florence and beyond. Part of the original confinement broadcast, these mini-interviews usually gage how people are coping with the measures and how they affect their lives. Want to be in one? Know someone who should? Drop us a line!
  • Cured by Cavoli
    Cured by Cavoli is a recurring musical segment for cavoli to share their all-time favourites, recent discoveries or more daring genres of music through curated playlists. Reach out if you want to share your favourite playlist!
  • Diffusione Fiabe (former Fiabe Siciliane e Non Solo) with Elena Asciutti
    Elena recounts many folk and fairy tales in Italian, but also shares stories from all over the world she finds. Elena had proposed her idea already before the confinement, and was not deterred by the implications. On the contrary, she shares the cosmic wisdom these stories contain as an additional resource for coping with these exceptional times. Diffusione Fiaba is on air every morning at 08h00 and 17h00. Elena hopes to collect and share stories from all over the world, so share your favourite story with us!
  • Me-Time with Ciara Burbridge
    With guided meditations, Ciara Burbridge, gives us the opportunity to start the workday in a healthy and resilient way. Every weekday morning at 09h00,  perfect for anyone who finds it difficult to meditate alone without thoughts turning to worries, work, or the contents of your fridge…
  • On The Record with Pieter Dedoncker
    In On The Record, Pieter promotes the art of listening by introducing the listeners to great albums, which are meant to be listened to from start to end. To complement with insider knowledge, Pieter interviews musicians or collaborators to talk about the album and the band. Tune in every Tuesday at 21h00 when Pieter presents a new episode of On The Record. 
  • Renegades of Funk 
    In Renegades of Funk your resident cavoli Sdigibetico and Runa Mattata (Olav & Aruna) pick a theme for their musical talkshow where they present a wide range of musical genres across time and space in a show containing loads of fun facts on musical genealogy, sampling through history and randomness linked to the theme. After every episode, they launch a little contest for people to guess next episode’s theme and make their show interactive. Give it your best shot and have your request featured in the episode!
  • Sex & Stuff 
    Chou Fleur & Chou Frisé host a feminist talk show, which addresses various topics related to sexual practices, gender and in an informal and joyful way. Willing to contribute?Chou Fleur & Chou Frisé welcome testimonies and topic suggestions!
  • Sproutscout
    In Sproutscout, local and international musicians are invited to talk about their music and  share their latest compositions to be aired on Radio Cavolo! Do you know outstanding emerging artists? Drop us a line so we can invite them on the show!
  • Storytime
    Storytime broadcasts radio plays that form part of the public domain: Near-forgotten gems produced throughout broadcast radio’s rich history are dusted off for your entertainment! 
  • The society of involuntary dreamers
    Creative writers in and around the EUI and Florence and shares their stories with you and the hosts, Daniel and Sophie. Prose or poetry, rhymes or free verse, anything goes. Wait, you write creatively too? We love to hear your stories and share them on Radio Cavolo, whether written now or years ago. All languages are welcome!
  • Visiting Cavoli
    Visiting Cavoli is a steady segment where Radio Cavolo collects and broadcasts guest DJ mixtapes! Collaborating with DJs all over the world, DJs share their musical selections across a wide range of musical genres and niches. Do you know talented DJs that should be invited on Radio Cavolo?Drop us a line!