Cavolous Anniversary

Happy Birthday, Radio Cavolo!

Radio Cavolo is celebrating its 1st anniversary on Monday 22/03/2021 with a whole day of special live broadcasts. Many of the segments will be rebroadcast to complement our regular schedule throughout the week, so take a look at to see when you can catch the interviews and shows you have missed!  

Radio Cavolo is recruiting content and collaborators 

Radio Cavolo’s studio in Villa Salviati is completely equipped for doing live broadcasts and recording podcasts. You can interview guests, create and share passions with your peers or disseminate more serious content through this unique platform based at the EUI. Radio Cavolo boasts a wide variety of content related to music, creative writing or topical talk-shows and podcasts, involving EUI researchers, staff, alumni and external collaborators.  Do get in touch if you have a sprouting idea for a regular show, a special event or if you want to learn new skills related to producing audio content or get involved behind the scenes. Just drop us a line at and join our next Editorial Board meeting