DJ Cabbage AKA ‘L’Homme à tête de chou’ – MIXnestrone 4

Friday, 11 Jun 2021, 21:00-22:00

DJ Cabbage, half man, half vegetable but 100% vinyl proposes a musical seminar documenting a topic of scientific interest… that you can select. Following our first call for proposals, we received 2 anonymous requests: “Jazz for dummies” and “ Holidays ”. Merging both requests, Dottore Jivago Cabbage will illustrate the mood: “Endless Summertime”, so the livin’ is easy, listenin’ to Reggae, Sega, Jazz from Caribbean islands, Algerian Pop, Salsa from Capo Verde and other stuff that are vaguely related to the topic.

You could be the next one to indicate to the man with cabbage head the next subject of his audio research: Just drop a topic in the chatbox on Radio Cavolo’s website, and yes, Dottore J. Cabbage could share his musical knowledge with you.