DJ Resilienza Collettiva – Episode 16 | The Class

Friday, 18 Jun 2021, 17:00-18:00

During the spring semester of 2021, MA is invited to teach an on-line law class (“The Art of Advocacy in European Union Law and International Law”) via Zoom to a group of Masters students at the Law Faculty of the Catholic University of Lille in France. Many years ago, MA developed a teaching method called, “Creative Teaching for Lawyers” as an innovative, movement based approach to law teaching. As MA reflects on how to adapt her method to on-line teaching, she realises that given the context of Planet Pandemia, it is perhaps useful to introduce elements of DJ Resilienza Collettiva as a way to encourage students to participate in class (and manage ‘Zoom Fatigue’) as well as find ways to deal with the chronic state of pandemic stress. And so MA starts by asking her students to create a class playlist dedicated to the collective resilience of the class, selections of which are contained in this week’s DJ set: “I have to say, I spent over 25 years teaching law students… and this group really stands out. They made the class. They were hard working, they never let go, they just went with whatever exercise I set them,…they were fearless.” “For all of you PhD students at the EUI and for those of you who envisage a career in academia, keep it fresh, stay creative. Students make the class and they are an invaluable resource for your own research. I don’t think that students get enough recognition nor thanks for that.”.

Theme: On-line teaching on Planet Pandemia; Recorded on: 04/06/21

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The artist Miriam Aziz (“MA”) hosts a series of DJ Resilienza sets fusing a mixture of storytelling, advice for managing the impact of the pandemic on our day to day lives, and an excuse to, “Move your Groove”, as MA likes to say. Miriam Aziz was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the EUI between 2000-04.

Tune in for new episodes every Friday at 20h on Radio Cavolo!

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