Zwaluw 129

Thursday, 22 Apr 2021, 21:00-22:00

Zwaluw 129

Going from east to west tonight on Zwaluw with some groovy oriental disco, Iberian fusion jazz, Ghanaian griots, Britfunk and even some sunny westcoast psychedelia. Consider yourself warned.

Zwaluw – Intro
Arşivplak – Şeker Oglan
Mohammed Jamal – Doroup El Hawa
Nermin Niazi – Dekha Jab Se Dekha
Pepe Sánchez – Sentimiento
Jr Thomas & The Volcanos – Sunk In The Mist
Future Utopia – Children Of The Internet (Ezra Collective Remix)
Ohxala – Earth Spirit
TSHA Feat. Trio Da Kali – Demba
STR4TA – Rhythm in Your Mind
Lenny Marcus Trio – Mother’s Day
Gaidaa – Morning Blue
Ghost Funk Orchestra – Asphalt Homeland
Triptides – Do You Ever Wonder?
Lennie Hibbert – Chinese Beauty

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Zwaluw (Dutch for “swallow”, as in the bird) is a radio show bringing you underground music from just about everywhere. Reggae, soul, hip-hop, exotica, bass, world, Afrobeat, house, drum’n’bass, electro cumbia, funk, jazz, you name it. Why, we’ll even throw in some psychedelic rock and pop. de oerwout dj, Eria Lubacov and Arne Daneels have a history in radio making on Amsterdam FM, Radio Scorpio (Leuven, Belgium) and Radio Gladys Palmera (Spain), music journalism, A&R for Lovemonk and, of course, deejaying all over the place. But most of all they are music lovers who want to spread the love

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