In-Depth Listening

“On The Record” is a show in which host Pieter chooses records that in his opinion should be listened to in its entirety and without interruption, except, when needed, for switching sides. In each episode, before playing the album, he interviews one of the musicians or collaborators to talk about the album and the band. 

“On the Record” was broadcast on Radio Cavolo between March and May 2020

Listen to all the episode of “On the Record” on Mixcloud

Ep. 01 | Dug Out Skyscrapers – De Beren Gieren
Ep. 02 | Melodium Rag – Tiny Legs Tim
Ep. 03 | Creature Feature – Satan’s Pilgrims
Ep. 04 | Otrabanda – Sam Vloemans
Ep. 05 | Idol Worship (And Other Primitive Pleasures) Tikiyaki Orchestraby
Ep. 06 |Peaces – Future Old People Are Wizards 
Ep. 07 | Into The Blue Sparkle – Slacktone
Ep. 08 | Caz Gardiner & the Badasonics