1066, The Kitchen Sink, Jazz and all that

Thursday, 27 Oct 2022, 20:00-21:00

1066, the Kitchen Sink, Jazz, and All That explores an eclectic assortment of topics and songs of significance through conversations between host Matias Vanhanen and his rotating selection of guests. Tune in for weekly explorations of what is, was, and ought to be, from the benefits of urban living, through the sorrows of failed revolutions, to the simple joy of an empty kitchen sink.

In Episode 2, Matias is joined by Rasmus SalĂ©n to discuss the wonders of communications consultancy. Along for the ride are The Clash with ‘Lost in the Supermarket’, Bart Graft with ‘Young Urban Professional’ and Simon & Garfunkel with ‘The Sound of Silence’.