Radio Cavolo is a non-commercial, independent, researcher-led initiative, based in Florence, Italy at the European University Institute broadcasting under a license of the Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori. None of the content reproduced on Radio Cavolo reflects the official position of the European University Institute in any way.

Launched in March 2020 despite the lockdown, Radio Cavolo was broadcast remotely during its first months of existence.

Radio Cavolo Manifesto

Radio Cavolo is a web radio created by a bunch of researchers at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy with the aim to provide an audio platform in which anyone can give free reign to their creativity by producing radio shows of all types or sending in awesome playlists – anything from teenage bangers to obscure be-bop beats from the other side of the world. While Radio Cavolo is based at the EUI, we are an independent radio in which we ourselves decide what to produce and take responsibility for content. We are also open to contributions, be they from a member of the EUI or not: Radio Cavolo hopes to encourage the growth of small cabbage sprouts of creativity and silliness wherever, whenever and in whatever way! Radio Cavolo’s main function is to be an open platform for people to play music or create programs to discuss, inform, or entertain – or do all three at the same time! We aim to make shows in which people can share their interesting or wacky ideas and experiences; dazzle us with their knowledge of particular subjects, no matter how pedestrian or arcane; or simply fool around in ways that will make anyone listening shed at least a tear of laughter. Ultimately, we want to create a free space through which folks from the EUI (and beyond) can engage with each other, let their creative juices run riot and share the results with whoever wants to listen in. Just like our favourite Savoy cabbage – or Verza for the Italian speakers out there – Radio Cavolo is a beautiful wrinkly green flower open to the world. We are therefore creating content not just about life in and around the EUI, but also about our position as members of a Florentine, Italian and worldwide community.

Want some Cavolo? Well, Sant’Ambrogio market is a good place to start, with its endless rows of fresh veg stalls. You might also get lucky at the newly-renovated market in Le Cure – that is, if the season is right. If it’s soundwaves you’re after, is your main port of call. The website is where we will stream all our shows, produced in the Cabbage Patch: our small studio high up in the secret corridors of Villa Salviati, nestled just above the main entrance to the castle. This is where everyone’s cavolous plans and ideas can develop into fully fledged shows or streams of auditory creativity.

Want to be a Cavolo? Just drop us a line at! We’ll provide a few useful guidelines and do our best to make sure that your cavolous sprouts of ideas grow and grow until they become Cavolo shows of their own.