Cured by Cavoli

Curated playlist

Black History Month


Diffusione Fiaba


Blooming Magnolias

Fostering community dialogues with audio-recordings from friends about relationships, well-being, culture and politics

Il Fiore del Partigiano

Discovering non-conformist music across the globe


Covers and Nostalgic Tunes

Tower Talks

Conversations from the Salviati Tower on societal issues

Brains Hanging Upside Down

The go-to place for the best punk-rock music


Underground Music

Past Shows

Cabbage Vitamin Shake

Morning show

Live Every Wednesday 9.00-10.30

Cavolo Unplugged

Live Music

(March 2020)

Corona Chronicles

A collection of lived experiences

Every Morning at 10am (March-June 2020)

DATE (Don’t ask the Expert)

Interviews with Historians

Monday 18.00-19.00

DJ Resilienza Collettiva

Storytelling & Music

Fridays 20.00-21.00

June Ball LIVE Special 2020

LIVE Special for JUNE BALL at the EUI

19 June 2020

Juneteenth Special

Special LIVE Debate on Racism and Colonial Memory in Italy with prof. Angelica Pesarini

19 June 2020


Guided Meditation

Every Morning at 9:00 (March-June 2020)

On the Record

In-depth Listening

Tuesday at 21:00 (March-May 2020)

Renegades of Funk

Weekly Music Revelations

(March-May 2020)

Sex and Stuff

Feminist talk show

Live Thursday 12.00-12.30

Visiting Cavoli

DJ Set

(March-June 2020)