For Black History Month in February 2022, researchers, experts and Library staff collaborated with Radio Cavolo by making interviews addressing various perspectives on Black culture, experiences, and histories.

BHM interview #1 with Khalil West and Nduta Njenga (first broadcast 8 February 2022)

What is it like to be Black today in Florence, in Europe and in the US? Does colour matter in academia? Why should we celebrate Black History Month? In this first set of interviews, Khalil West, researcher at the Department of History and Civilisation, and Nduta Njenga, Policy Leader Fellow at the School of Transnational Governance, talk about these and other issues with Federica Signoriello (EUI Library).

BHM interview #2 with Justin Randolph Thompson and Ruth Gbikpi (first broadcast 15 February 2022)

The second set of interviews recorded during Black History Month sees Justin Randolph Thompson, new media artist, cultural facilitator, educator co-founder of BHMF (Black History Month Florence) and Ruth Gbipki, Librarian at the EUI, in a dialogue with Federica Signoriello (EUI Library) to explore their experience of being black in Florence in the 1990s and early 2000s. They also discuss the significance and impact of BHMF and what’s happening at the EUI.

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