Cured by Cavoli – Live da’i Sardo pt. 2

Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021, 21:00-22:30

Cured by Cavoli – Live da’i Sardo Pt. 2

This gorgeous collection of memories takes you back to the first-ever live broadcasting session of Radio Cavolo on location at our favourite hangout in Florence: Un’Caffe. On Friday 3 October 2020 we had a night of pure delight full of song requests by our favourite barkeep, the bartenders and off course, the pretty people hanging around at Santissima Annunziata.

Curated by Runa Mattata

Cured by Cavoli is a Radio Cavolo segment where contributors propose curated playlists they wish to share with our ‘cavolicious’ community.

Regular slots: Tuesdays at 10:00; Wednesdays at 21:00