Diffusione Fiaba di Elena Asciutti ≈ Puntata speciale “Maratona Narrativa Radiofonica – Nuovi inizi” per la Giornata Mondiale della Narrazione 2021 ≈ Special Episode “Radio Tale Marathon – New beginnings” for the World Storytelling Day 2021

Saturday, 20 Mar 2021, 10:00-22:00

Radio Cavolo celebrates the World Storytelling Day 2021 dedicated to “New Beginnings”, joining a bigger community of storytellers across the world!

Elena Asciutti has organised a Radio Tale Marathon in the patch of her show “Diffusione Fiaba”! Tune in on 20 March 2021 as of 10h00 (CET) to cheer the 22 runner-storytellers and their stories on “new beginnings”, from all over the world and told in different languages!

Meet the storytellers and the stories here below, with time of performance:

10h00 – Start of the Radio Tale Marathon “World Storytelling Day 2021 – New Beginnings”

10h10 – Natalia Bavar, “The history of colours”, Maya’s legend from the book of the same name by Subcomandante Marcos (told in Italian)

10h30 – Paola Pollarolo, “The Skeleton Woman”, Inuit folktale inspired by “Women who run with wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés (in Italian)

11h00 – Giovanna Conforto – “The Archer”, story of the Jewish tradition heard by Roi Gal-Or (in English)

11h30 – Lia Zannetti, “Story of a dragonfly” inspired by the novel “Agnes Browne grandmother” by Brendan o’Carroll (in Italian)

12h00 – Mario Villani, “The resurrection of the Parrot”, a story freely inspired by the homonymous story by Eduardo Galeano in “Las Palabras andantes” (in Italian)

12h30 – Valentina Zocca, “Siora Iseta, an old lady from Sesto”, based on “Once upon a time and not now. Venetian folktales in danger of extinction” by Espedita Grandesso (in Italian)

13h00 – Stefania Ganzini, “The wooden sword”, Afghan folktale, from “Tales of wisdom from around the world” by Heather Forest (in Italian)

13h30 – Monika Seitz, “The caterpillar and the butterfly”, story freely taken from “Fables and Legends” by Leonardo da Vinci (in German)

14h00 – Ornella Mercuri, “The tale of Ohimé”, taken from “Romagna solatia” by Paolo Toschi (in Italian)

14h30 – Anna Facciani, “The treasure of Aristide”, story of Anna Facciani, based on legends, anecdotes and hearsays of Romagna Tuscany (in Italian)

15h00 – Claudia Bernardi, “The new beginning…of the house little girl”, story based on the autobiography “I wanted to be an only daughter” by Marzia Bosoni (in Italian)

15h30 – Paola Canu, “The Robin”, story based on and adapted from “The Christmas gift book and other stories” by Selma Lagerlöf (in Swedish)

16h00 – Laura Ballesio, “Riddles”, Turkmen story taken from the collection “World Tales” by Idries Shah (in Italian)

16h30 – Flavio Milandri, “The Island of Roses – The Insulo de la Rozoj”, Italian and Romagna news story, published and unpublished texts (in Italian)

17h00 – Manuela Pellati, “The swimming team”, a story freely adapted from the story with the same name in “You more than anyone else” by Miranda July (in Italian)

17h30 – Joan Leotta, “It could always be worse”, Yiddish folktale of Russian origin (in English)

18h00 – Maria Rosa Vivaldo, “The Queen of Sheba and her enigmas”, folktale freely inspired by the collection “Jewish tales and legends around the world” by Israel Zwi Kanner (in Italian)

18h30 – Francesca Fanciulli, “Giovannin without fear”, folktale based on the collection “Italian folktales” by Italo Calvino (in Italian)

19h00 – Alessandra Gavinelli, “I believe in my mother”, story inspired by the biography of Wilma Rudolph (in Italian)

19h30 – Luisa Bevilacqua, “The child’s belly”, Indian folktale (in Italian)

20h00 – Elisabetta Orlandi, “The story of the stonemason”, Japanese folktale (in Italian)

20h30 – Elena Asciutti – “Jayda”, Persian folktale from the collection “The Bees’ Fraternity” by Pierre-Olivier Bannwarth (in French)