DJ Resilienza Collettiva with MA – Episode 2 | Move Your Groove

Friday, 12 Mar 2021, 20:00-20:50

Episode 2 | Move Your Groove

This episode begins with the sound of a flashmob organised one evening across Italy to commemorate the national lockdown. “That is the sound of fear. That is the sound of courage, the sound of resilience. The sound of not allowing silence to reign.” says MA about that night. “During the first days of the lockdown, we were all anxious and scared. Then I remembered. Move your groove, move your groove. When I was based in New York, I worked on a law and humanities project involving dance. I wrote about this in “Lost for Words: Embodying Law through Tanztheater” (2013) 7 Journal of Law and Humanities 91-106: “Why do we dance? There can be no universal, definitive answer, as much as there is no one definitive answer to why we love. We might think of dance as a form of communication; self-expression; a way to experience, search for or even forget our identity; for health; aesthetics; as a way to seek public engagement or political participation; to experience a sense of community, belonging or togetherness. Dance is a story-telling device, but it is also a way of life as well as a survival mechanism.”

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The artist Miriam Aziz (“MA”) hosts a series of DJ Resilienza sets fusing a mixture of storytelling, advice for managing the impact of the pandemic on our day to day lives, and an excuse to, “Move your Groove”, as MA likes to say. Miriam Aziz was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the EUI between 2000-04.

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