Gli Invendibili Marathon

Tuesday, 28 Sep 2021, 13:00-19:00

Gli Invendibili held out for a full season on Radio Cavolo. To celebrate that, please join host Ian Murray on a marathon tour of Italian pop music, ending in the first episode of his brand new season.


Ep. 1 – B-Sides by the Seaside
Ep. 2 – Menzione d’onore
Ep. 3.1 – Cantagiro, part one
Ep. 3.2 – Cantagiro, part two
Ep. 4 – Versioni Italiane

Gli Invendibili

A series of chance encounters with the history of Italian popular music – compelled by curiosity and curated by coincidence – through the medium of 7-inch singles salvaged from flea market bargain bins.

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