Malgakom – Live concert from Amman

Friday, 30 Sep 2022, 20:00-15:00

Malgakom is back! Tune in for another international live broadcast on Radio Cavolo, Friday 30 September from 20h CET onwards.

As always, Malgakom offers an open stage for many different disciplines, leading to a fiery 4-hour live music jam session with rotating musicians. At the centre of the Malgakom collective stand Zayd Mseis, Ibrahim Khries and Amer Abood. Multi-talented musicians, teachers and artists who share a passion for creative collaboration. Zayd is a Jordanian drummer and percussionist currently working with El Morabba3 and hosting the event at his family’s farm near Amman. Joining in on electric bass is Ibrahim, also known as founding member of Blues O Bantaloon.

Alongside this rhythm section, Malgakom invites a wide array of talent, including additional singers, musicians and dancers to perform occasionally. After the live music session, the stage will be taken over by several DJs, to keep the party going. All-round craftsman Amer brings a touch of magic to the venue with artful light installations and deco.

Malgakom is an interdisciplinary collective of musicians, artists and people passionate about movement. Malgakom is a series of events dedicated to sharing live music experiences from improvising, through live electronic producing all the way to dancing the night away. Malgakom is a word in Arabic meaning ‘meeting point’ and what better place to meet than surrounded by nature under the night sky.

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