SNails – Ep.3

Monday, 31 May 2021, 20:00-21:00

The SNailS are continuing their slow journey… From the textile factories of Prato to the destroyed neighbourhoods of the occupied Gaza Strip, in our third episode we take you on a voyage of discovery of various struggles and resistances around the world, starting with the 1st of May Labour Day celebrations. From Florentine surroundings, we bring you testimonies from evicted Somali refugees on Via Baracca, as well as a taste of the relentless strike of Prato‚Äôs textile workers fighting for their working rights and dignity. Internationally, we bring you the latest updates of the unprecedented events taking place in South America, followed by a call for solidarity with the Palestinian people facing apartheid by the Israeli regime. We conclude with an experimental sound collage, seeking to deconstruct the concept of struggle in our personal and working lives, serving both as a reminder of the centrality of labour in our current society, but also as a warning against what might happen if labour struggles become misused and appropriated by authoritarian regimes.
Abolish oppressive structures and keep snailing!