Zwaluw 151

Thursday, 23 Sep 2021, 21:00-22:00

After last week’s Lee “Scratch” Perry tribute we’re resuming our regular Zwaluw shows, this week starting with the giant Nina Simone kicking off a trip taking us from the US to Peru, the UK, Belgium, Chile, Hungary, India, Sweden and Japan. You know, Zwaluw style.

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Zwaluw (Dutch for “swallow”, as in the bird) is a radio show bringing you underground music from just about everywhere. Reggae, soul, hip-hop, exotica, bass, world, Afrobeat, house, drum’n’bass, electro cumbia, funk, jazz, you name it. Why, we’ll even throw in some psychedelic rock and pop. de oerwout dj, Eria Lubacov and Arne Daneels have a history in radio making on Amsterdam FM, Radio Scorpio (Leuven, Belgium) and Radio Gladys Palmera (Spain), music journalism, A&R for Lovemonk and, of course, deejaying all over the place. But most of all they are music lovers who want to spread the love

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